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Ailsa Lyn

Finding Inspiration in the natural world

Natural forms, repeated patterns, hidden layers and the close detail of our natural environment, are what inspire me the most.

My work is a direct and personal, creative response towards what I admire about what I see.

In my collages, I try to indicate the layers within the landscape.

From a personal perspective, a traditional 2 dimensional representation, doesn't truly convey the abstract composition of our surroundings.

Using hand-painted fragments of upcycled, found papers, allows me to produce a more sincere abstract portrayal.

My collage gifts, are a natural progression away from framed work. However, the principal of building layers to alter a surface is the same.

Silver Artley Hare Jewellery is also based upon my interpretation of naturally occuring patterns,and shapes within the natural world.  I use flowers,  pods,  shells and found ephemera to create silver jewellery that captures the natural form in a moment of time.

Some silver pieces are made by applying silver slip to a depth which copies the form, others are created by making a mould,

and casting a direct copy in silver clay, or by tooling metal into natural forms. 


My Creative Journey

Some people feel confident with a glass in their hand. For me, it has always been, paper and a pencil. And my glass was always full, of paint water!


I am a mainly self taught watercolourist of over 30 years.

Recently, experimentation with mediums, techniques and mark making, has brought me to my current exploration into texture.


I exhibit throughout East Anglia with a number of societies and take my work to several fairs over the year. (please see my calendar)

I am available for demonstrations and workshops to groups.

Please contact me regarding commissions.

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Ailsa Lyn

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Floral Collage

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Artley Hare Jewellery

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Giclee Prints and

Original and Printed Cards

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