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Tailored Commissions

I am happy to create a piece of art to your specifications.

Perhaps a work that I have produced triggers the memory of a favourite place?

Or you may be searching for a unique gift for a special occasion or celebration.

The examples below are typical of previous requests.

use this one.JPG

This unique collage, was commissioned as a wedding gift.

Due to the versatility of collage, I was able to 
personalise the design, to include relevant details of the the bride and groom's special day. Such as names of the happy couple, guests, and music etc.

All woven seamlessly into the composition for them to discover.



In this exciting project, I was asked to produce an ebook cover. With the title of 'Revenge.'  I designed the composition around two quotations associated with revenge.

A wide range of coloured collage pieces were used, but predominantly red and blue. To show two extreme levels of heightened emotion. 

The heat of the moment and cold calculating revenge.


A  personal greeting was scribed in gold calligraphy script, on this large bespoke wedding card.
The personalised artwork on the card front, comprises examples of my hand-painted paper collage flowers.

Wedding Card
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